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Carson City Sheriff’s Office latest addition….

Pictured from left to right:
Retired Captain Brian Humphrey, Dispatcher Cameron Sievers, Cadet Trinity McLaren and Sheriff Ken Furlong

First Cadet to be assigned to the Public Safety Communications Division of the department in 32 years. 

Sheriff’s Office Cadet Explorer Trinity McLaren has become the first Cadet to be assigned to the Public Safety Communications Division of the department in 32 years. Following in the footsteps forged decades ago by Captain (retired) Brian Humphrey, Carson City Sheriff’s Cadet Trinity McLaren completed her Nevada State Peace Officers Standards and Training certification for Dispatchers. Ms. McLaren =egan the process and challenges in the Fall of 2021, and along with her curriculum studies, spent most of her Friday evenings in the Public Safety Communications Center under the Supervision of Dispatcher Cameron Sievers.

For over three months, Trinity, a Junior at Carson High School, met three times a month for 4-5 hours on Friday nights with Cameron. In this short amount of time, she made tremendous progress that led to her completing her Certification Dispatch course. Trinity learned the basics of general radio traffic, multi-tasking phone calls and radio traffic, and requests from deputies. She learned about the different call types, questions to ask according to the call type, and strategies to handle stressful calls. All the topics covered are practical applications of how the material in the certification course is applied to everyday dispatch shifts.

The Division Manager, Ms. Jennifer Stoffer said, “The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Communications Division strives to instill commitment and passion in the cadet trainee, emphasizing the highest standard of service and care for the community we serve. We aim to foster positive learning experiences and practical professional skills with the goal of preparing a cadet for a future career as a 911 emergency operator.

Recognizing that she is the first Cadet to complete this training and be assigned to the Public Safety Communications Division in 32 years, Sheriff Furlong congratulated Trinity on her outstanding accomplishment and added that she is an outstanding example of the power of the youth in our community and schools.

Big Band Classics in Carson City

Grab your dance shoes or come as you are, and join the Yachats Big Band as they usher in  April’s First Thursday, April 7, from 7 PM to 9 PM, at. the Yachats Commons.

Beginning this April, the Band will be back playing dances on the 1st Thursday of every month Couples, families and singles are invited to get out on the floor and dance, or just listen to the Big Band Classics of Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and others. The Commons is located at 441 N. Coast Hwy 101 (between 4th and 5th on Hwy 101) Yachats, Oregon.

The Yachats Big Band is a non-profit group of 17 regional musicians dedicated to preserving swing-era music. A donation of $5.00 for adults is appreciated and admission is FREE for children under 12.Refreshments including coffee, cocoa and cookies will also be available.

We hope to see you there.

Bad rear-ender crash at Silver Sage and Clearview

Collision at Clearview and Silver Sage in south Carson City.

A Carson City man on a mo-ped was pulling up to the intersection of Silver Sage and Clearview when a white pickup came up behind the moped rider and sent him sprawling.  The truck driver, a white male, must’ve panicked because he went around the wreck in his truck and took off. 

Anyone having any knowledge of who the truck driver could be should call the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 9-1-1.

The moped rider was quickly transported to Carson Tahoe Hospital to be examined for injuries.

Traffic crash up Canyon Drive

10:11pm. Traffic crash at 4242 Canyon.  Reports of damage to the vehicle.  Checking on the driver.  No reports yet on whether the driver was injured.  The car left the road and came to rest down-slope in a ditch.

10:30pm. Car left the highway, rolled down a hill and was stopped by a tree.  Rescue operations being launched. 

10:40pm. First responders are still on scene learning that the car will be towed from the scene.

Newport Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee pulling out all the stops…

The Newport Parks and Recreation Department appears to be gearing up for quite a summer, with their upcoming meetings. There will be an “over-the-internet” series of newrecreational goals including the Newport Aquatic Center, the Recreation Center, a report from Friends of Newport Parks and Recreation Association, and an update on Park System Master Plan projects – one such project to come up out of the ground at Agate Beach.

The internet display will also include meeting the recreation needs of residents and guests by providing quality facilities, trails, fields and open space. Such programs will offer a variety of activities and environments that allow for personal, social and economic opportunities all aimed at visitors and Newport residents to enjoy at select areas of town not the least of which involves the Yaquina River and Newport’s beaches.

Other goals include developing a forest/open space management plan, support and promote a safe pedestrian bridge across Yaquina Bay, support a Newport trail connection the C-2-C Trail…and of course improving and promoting fishing opportunities at Big Creek Reservoir.

The meeting will begin at 9am on March 29th and can observed via a live internet streaming of the meeting. The live-stream meeting will be accessible on the internet at

Shots Fired Outside Dollar Tree Store

11:48pm Shots fired at the Dollar Tree Store in the 21-hundred block of Northgate Road. A person with a gun allegedly took off toward Walmart.

12:00 Midnight – Possible Native American, wearing a black sweater and blue jeans.

12:16pm Law enforcement is focusing on the 300 block of Hot Springs Road. Exercise extreme caution in the area.

Making Nevada’s Great Outdoors (and Indoors) more available for Nevadans, Visitors and Tourists

GENOA, Nev. — Lieutenant Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead was among the dozen agency leaders at Mormon Station State Historic Park Wednesday, to celebrate Governor Steve Sisolak signing an agreement to establish a new Nevada Agreement for Recreation Shared Stewardship to expand outdoor recreation opportunities in Nevada.

The new Nevada Agreement for Recreation Shared Stewardship is a strategic partnership that will serve as a model for multi-agency collaboration to address the multi-faceted challenges facing Nevada’s communities and natural environment, while advancing sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities and a vibrant outdoor economy for the state.

“Outdoor recreation is a major part of Nevada’s economy in so many ways, and I am thrilled to see the ways the new Nevada Agreement for Recreation Shared Stewardship will help us tackle our challenges and advance some of the most beautiful parts of our state,” Lieutenant Governor Cano Burkhead said. “We are all in this together, from the Local and Tribal and State levels all the way up to the Federal Government. I am thrilled to witness the great work that our state agencies are doing to lead in outdoor recreation policy, and I am excited to see the progress we can make when we all get to work.”Lieutenant Governor Cano Burkhead serves as the Chair of the Advisory Board on Outdoor Recreation.

The Shared Stewardship agreement provides a framework that will help Nevada address these complex challenges head-on through a multi-agency partnership plan centered on the following goals and priorities:

  • Create a strategic plan for advancing sustainable outdoor recreation throughout Nevada by strengthening collaboration, sharing data and resources, and leveraging access to funding opportunities
  • Support healthy communities and a vibrant economy by creating a diverse array of sustainable recreation opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities
  • Promote environmental stewardship through strategic, coordinated messaging centered on responsible recreation ethics

The Nevada Agreement for Recreation Shared Stewardship includes signatories from the following State and Federal agencies:

  • State of Nevada,
  • Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,
  • Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation,
  • Nevada Division of State Parks,
  • Nevada Department of Wildlife,
  • Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs,
  • Nevada Department of Transportation,
  • US Bureau of Reclamation,
  • US Forest Service,
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service,
  • US Bureau of Land Management, and
  • the National Park Service.

About Lieutenant Governor Lisa Cano BurkheadLisa Cano Burkhead is a first-generation Latina, the daughter of immigrant parents from South America who came to Las Vegas to find the American Dream. A lifelong educator, she spent 25 years working in Nevada public schools, first as a Spanish and English teacher and later as an administrator and principal.

As Lieutenant Governor, she is an advocate for the needs of public education and uses her position and platform to uplift the voices of students, educators and parents.The Lieutenant Governor serves as:

For more information, please visit


Bags full of federal money are making the rounds in Carson City

Carson City has hit a fairly big jackpot thanks to Nevada representatives and senators who wrestled $8 million dollars from a U.S. Appropriations Bill.

The eight million will upgrade the Quill Water Treatment Plant, install a Southeast Sewer Extention Project, establish safer routes to school, a new fire station and emergency operations center and upgrades to William Street.

Mayor Lori Bagwell said the upgrades will make the Carson City community more supportive for all residents of the city…well into the future.

When goods and service deliveries need a boost, WNC figured out how to pay for it…

GOED Board Approves Workforce Development Grant

$400,000 WINN Grant will grow Commercial Driver’s License program at Western Nevada College 

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development Board has approved a $400,000 grant from the Workforce Innovations for the New Nevada (WINN) fund to grow a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training Program at Western Nevada College (WNC).

“Our In-Demand Occupation analysis shows that Nevada is 4,509 jobs below the national average in licensed commercial drivers,” said Stacey Bostwick, GOED Director of Workforce Development. “This program in Carson City will create 100 training slots for jobs with an average starting wage of $24 per hour and begin to address the deficit in an area of critical workforce development need.”

Nationally it is estimated that there is a shortage of 80,000 commercial drivers that may grow to 170,000 according to the American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driving Shortage Report published in 2021. The Nevada Trucking Association estimates that roughly 92 percent of manufactured goods in Nevada are transported in trucks, making a trained truck driving workforce critical to ensure goods and services reach the state.

“We are extremely thankful to the Governor’s office for support of this program,” said Kyle Dalpe, WNC Interim President. “The CDL program is one of those that will help train workers for an industry that is seeing significant vacancies. We are pleased to be able to offer this program at two campuses, Carson City, and Fallon. From a program standpoint, this funding will help us get students through faster and into jobs.”

Tim Aboussleman, Senior Director of Fleet Operations for ITS Logistics, stated that the wages a full-time Class A licensed truck driver can make at ITS Logistics range from $65,000 to $115,000 per year, plus full benefits, depending on previous work experience.

“The CDL training program is especially attractive to our region because skilled truck drivers are in high demand with local employers,” said Carson City Mayor Lori Bagwell. “This training provides a pathway to a meaningful career and a healthy paycheck. Creating a skilled workforce within Carson City has a positive impact on our entire local economy.”

The expansion of the WNC CDL program to the Carson City campus will build upon the proven success of the existing CDL program already established on the Fallon campus. The Fallon campus CDL training program regularly hosts area employers, including Packer Transportation and Hiskett and Sons Ready Mix, to build connections with and recruit students for post-course completion employment. Further, the program has developed an ongoing relationship with the advocacy group, REAL Women in Trucking, which provides valuable employment information to students with a focus on opportunities for those with families and avoidance of predatory employment agreements, ensuring that students understand how to find good paying jobs.

The WINN fund was created to address workforce skills need of companies. The program is administered by GOED in coordination with the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation and the Nevada Department of Education.


Dare Nevada to Dream Out Loud!!

Abated Companies Will Invest $164 million and generate $147 Million in Taxes for Nevada

Six Companies Expected to Create 750 Jobs in Five Years with Weighted Hourly Wage of $25.17 

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Board approved six companies that will receive $16,253,161 in tax abatements. In return these companies are required to create 750 jobs in the next two years at an average weighted hourly wage of $25.17. That figure is expected to grow to 1,786 in five years. Additionally, these companies will make a capital investment of $164,139,469 in the first two years of operation and generate $147,256,586 in net new tax revenues over the next 10 years.

“We are working hard to bring companies to Nevada that are creating good jobs,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “Since January of 2019, the 80 companies that have received abatements will create 11,727 jobs over five years. These companies are making $2.1 billion in capital investments and will generate $1.1 billion in new net tax revenues over the next decade.”

Five of these companies that received abatements are new while one is expanding its operations.

“The caliber of these companies is very high,” said Michael Brown, GOED Executive Director. “We are seeing major manufacturers moving here that will continue to diversify our economy. We have another company starting up in Lyon County that will contribute to the emerging Lithium mining and production industry in the state.”

The companies approved for abatement today include:

  • Haas Automation, Inc. was approved for the Economic Development Rate Rider (EDRR) Program, for its planned manufacturing facility in Clark County. The company was approved for a 5MW EDRR allocation. Pursuant to NRS Chapter 704.7876, the Office, in consultation with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, can grant the Lead Participant a Certificate of Eligibility for an EDRR for discounts to be applied for eight years on rates for up to 25 megawatts of power capacity used by the Company within the Project Site pursuant to a contract with a term of 10 years See Exhibit A (GOED Board approved application). This EDDR application is supplemental to the company’s approval, for tax abatements, for the same project in 2019. Phase one of the project will include more than 2.3 million square feet of warehouse, manufacturing offices and showroom space. The company’s main product line consists of CNC machine tools. As per the company’s 2019 application, it will receive $10.5 million in tax abatements. It will be required to create 500 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $24.04. It is expected to grow to 1,400 in five years. The company will make $100 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $112.2 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.
  • Airgas Safety, Inc. is a leading national supplier of industrial, medical, and specialty gasses, as well as welding hard goods, related products and consumables in Clark County. It will receive $362,882 in tax abatements. It will be required to create 55 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $23.10. It is expected to grow to 66 jobs in five years. This company will make $3.6 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $3.9 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.
  • ENTEK Manufacturing, LLC designs, manufactures, and installs twin screw co-rotating extruders, wear parts, and turnkey plants for energy storage, biopolymers, and products made with recycled plastics for the building industry in Clark County. It will receive $1 million in tax abatements. It will be required to create 53 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $29.44. It is expected to grow to 73 in five years. The company will make $10.8 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $5.7 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.
  • Stellar Snacks, LLC is a woman owned startup in Washoe County. The company is an end-to-end snack manufacturer and provides services from R&D to end distribution. Stellar Snacks is considering an expansion to its existing Nevada operations. It will receive $1.8 million in tax abatements. It will be required to create 58 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $28.32. It is expected to grow to 133 in five years. The company will make $23.4 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $12.3 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.
  • Western Ceramics Company 1, LLC is a subsidiary of Lilac Solutions, Inc. Lilac is a leading lithium extraction technology company based in Oakland, Calif., focused on the development of technology and materials to produce lithium products. The company is considering establishing a 450,000 square foot facility in Lyon County. It will receive $2.3 million in tax abatements. It will be required to create 24 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $43.63. It is expected to grow to 86 in five years. The company will make $25.1 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $8.3 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.
  • Society Manufacturing LLC is a producer, distributor, and wholesaler of cosmetic products with plans to update its building to include space for offices, distribution, and fulfillment in Clark County. It will receive $162,357 in tax abatements. It will be required to create 60 jobs in the first two years of operation at an average weighted hourly wage of $25.50. It is expected to grow to 90 in five years. The company will make $1 million in capital investment within the first two years of operation and generate $4.6 million in net new tax revenues over 10 years.


Good News for Carson City

Carson City City Hall

Carson City FY22 Appropriations

Carson City is pleased to announce the passage of the FY22 omnibus appropriations bill into law and commends the work of Nevada’s Congressional delegation to facilitate the signing of this vitally important legislation.

Carson City City Hall

The City is especially grateful to Congressman Amodei, Senator Rosen, Senator Cortez Masto and their hard-working staff for ensuring that the City’s Community Project Funding requests were included in the bill.

Thanks to their tireless advocacy on behalf of Carson City during the year-long development of this legislation, $8 million in federal funding is now available to the City for use on the following projects:

  • Quill Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Southeast Sewer Extension Project
  • Western Nevada Safe Routes to School
  • Carson City Emergency Operations Center/Fire Station/Backup Emergency Dispatch Center
  • Williams Street Complete Streets Project“The City looks forward to utilizing this newly available federal assistance on projects important to our community that will have lasting positive impacts on the City’s residents by increasing our quality of life and keeping our utility rates stable for decades to come,” said Mayor Lori Bagwell. For additional information contact Stephen Wood at or by        phone at 775-283- 7872.

Nevada State Police Highway Patrol Troopers Rescue Kidnapping Victim

On Tuesday, March 15th Nevada State Police Dispatch received information from Rocklin Police Department regarding an armed carjacking that took place earlier in Rocklin, California.

At about 6:15pm the vehicle was reported to be in Nevada on I-80 eastbound, east of Boomtown. A victim was also reported to be in the stolen vehicle. Several Troopers with Nevada State Police Highway Patrol responded to the call and attempted to locate the vehicle, which was described as a white Nissan Altima with Kentucky license plates. At approximately 6:38pm, Troopers located a vehicle matching that of the stolen vehicle on I-80 eastbound in the area of mile marker 44 in Fernley.

After confirming the license plate matched the reported stolen vehicle, the Troopers initiated a traffic stop. The driver failed to stop, increased his speed, and attempted to evade the Troopers. Soon after, the driver threw a black metallic object out of the vehicle and quickly accelerating to speeds between 110-120 mph. Troopers continued to pursue the vehicle eastbound for another 38 miles in light traffic.

In the area of mile marker 70 (Trinity Exit), Nevada State Police Dispatch was on the phone with the driver and convinced him to stop the vehicle. At approximately 6:57pm, the vehicle stopped on I-80 eastbound in the area of mile marker 82. Troopers immediately took both the driver and passenger into custody. Troopers determined that the passenger was a victim. The victim was provided with local counseling and a safe place to stay. A black handgun matching the description given by the victim, was retrieved in the area Troopers had reported seeing the driver throw out a black metallic object from the vehicle.

The driver, identified as Davon T. Robinson-Bowls, age 20 and a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested and booked at the Churchill County Jail on the following charges:

  1. Attempted Kidnapping – 1st Degree
  2. Possession Firearm Ex-felon
  3. Evade/Elude/Fail to Stop on Signal or Law Enforcement Officer
  4. Destroy/Concealing of Evidence
  5. Take/Poss Vehicle without Owners Consent
  6. Reckless Driving w/ Disregard to Safety of a Person or Property, 1st Offense
  7. Carrying Concealed Weapon
  8. Driving without a Valid Drivers License or Exp.
  9. False Statement to Obstruct Public Officer
  10. Attempt Possession SCH I, II C/S LT 14 grams, (drugs)1st or 2nd Offense
  11. Fugitive from Justice

Drive like your wallet depends on it…


Nevada State Police Joins Forces to Focus on Impaired Drivers

There’s No Excuse for Driving Under the Influence

The Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol Division, and other law enforcement agencies participating in Joining Forces will be combining resources from March 17, 2022 through March 22, 2022 to apprehend impaired drivers.

Each year, motorists across Nevada are killed or injured because someone made the decision to drive impaired. In 2021, 150 people died on Nevada’s roadways in crashes where impairment either involved or believed to be a factor (number of substance-related fatalities pending for 2021 and could go up). Impaired driving doesn’t mean just alcohol; it is anything that affects your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Being a responsible driver is simple: if you are impaired, do not drive. Whether it’s a designated driver or public transportation, everyone should make sure they have a plan in place to avoid any chance of making a poor decision that could lead to unnecessary tragedy.

This Joining Forces campaign reflects the unwavering mission of the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol and its dedication to keeping the public safe by finding, investigating, and apprehending persons driving while impaired on Nevada’s highways.

Open Burning Starts March 19th and runs through April 17th depending permit status and the weather

The Carson City Fire Department announces the start of the Spring 2022 Open Burn, with burning allowed from March 19th – April 17th, dependent upon permit status and daily weather conditions.

The purpose of the open burn period is to allow residents the opportunity to dispose of accumulated weeds and yard debris. Carson City Fire Department will require a burn permit. Permits will be available starting Friday, March 18, 2022, and can be obtained online at Click the notice for Open Burn, which will take you to a form you will need to print and have on you when burning.

This form will no longer be available at our administrative office on a walk-in basis.
The purpose of the open burn period is to allow residents an opportunity to dispose of accumulated weeds and yard debris.

For additional questions or concerns call the Carson City Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division at 887-2210, ext. 7145, 8 a.m-5 p.m., Mon – Fri.

Reported Natural Gas Leak at Smith’s downtown

6:05pm  Report of a gas leak at Smith’s Grocery near the downtown.  Caution in the area.

6:20pm  There was a smell of what could have natural gas.  Firefighters checked the natural gas apparatus and did not find a leak.  The smell might have been coming from something else.  The odor has cleared.

Affordable Housing in Nevada (and elsewhere)- Endangered Species

It’s good to have neighbors….

Nevada has fallen down the same housing holes that are showing up around the country.  Many Nevadans say the state is in a world of hurt because the economy is forcing two families inside a single family dwelling – and it’s happening all across Nevada.  Many families have had to settle for small camp trailers just to get by.  Yet they keep coming to the Silver State.

Have you checked California housing these days? Sky high prices and would-be renters can’t afford them.  Same as Reno and soon Carson City will also be over-run with apartments and refugees from California.  But who wants two families in small two bedroom apartments that’s draining their savings

There’s such a thing as the “affordable free market” but affordable for who? Rising rental rates in northern Nevada have doubled over the last few years.  Many corporations want to move some, or all, of their high tech machinery into the Nevada wide open spaces but even converted desert land is too expensive because of the need for roads, streets, highways, schools and WATER!

Another problem.  America’s distribution for subsidized housing construction has been dwindling for over 40 years.  The money is scattered around the country but not fairly.  Nevada has about the same population as Chicago but Nevada is kicked to the sidelines because, politically, Chicago gets housing vouchers 4 to 1 over Nevada.

Let’s hope that Washington DC graduates from “greed-to-need” and starts moving into lower cost dwellings – good, reliable places to live. Not overpriced. But in the meantime it’s way past due that we take care of each other and build strong communities where families don’t live in poverty.  The gimmie, gimmie, gimmie mind-set has ruled for far too long.

The Nevada State Police needs our help….

Nevada State Police Seeking Witnesses to Fatal Collision

On Sunday, March 6, 2022, at approximately 10:40 p.m., a gray sedan was involved in a fatal collision on IR-80 eastbound between Orchard (Exit 38) and Painted Rock (Exit 40) – west of Fernley. Anyone with information about the collision is asked to contact the Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol’s Multidisciplinary Investigation and Reconstruction Team (M.I.R.T.) at and reference case #220300432.

Missing young man’s remains found in a shallow grave


On June 21 2020, a 26-year-old Redding California resident, Jered Stefansky was reported missing to the Redding Police Department. Jered was last seen on June 19 2020 as he left Redding and traveled to the Carson City/ Moundhouse area in NevadaJered was to meet his associates on Martin Drive in Moundhouse and return to Redding on June 19th. Jered never returned to his home in Redding. The Redding Police Department forwarded the missing persons report to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. Both law enforcement agencies investigated Jered’s disappearance.

On March 16, 2021, human remains were located in a shallow grave at a remote area near Rye Patch Reservoir in Pershing County, Nevada. The human remains were sent to the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office in Reno for examination on December 14, 2021.

The Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office notified the Carson City Sheriff’s Office that the human remains found at Rye Patch Reservoir were identified as being Jered Stefansky through DNA testing. Jered Stefanksy’s family was notified of Jered’s remains being located.

The following agencies assisted in the investigation of Jered’s disappearance and recovery: The Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Pershing County Sheriff’s, Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation-Reno.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Investigation Division, Detective Sam Hatley (775)283-7852, Sgt Craig Lowe (775) 283-7815, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office (775) 463-660, Pershing County Sheriff’s Office (775) 273-2641 or Secret Witness (775)322-4900


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